Preparing & Uploading Images for Digital Projection Monthly Competition:

Prepare Your Image(s):
- For best appearance use the sRGB color space
- Save the image as a jpeg. Smugmug does not limit the file size of the jpeg you upload
- Name the file using the following format: 
           image title_your name.jpg 
(Please use one underscore as a separator only, not as a space elsewhere in the file name.)

Upload Your Image(s):
- Log onto the SVCC website (from bottom right of 'Home' page):
- Click the “Galleries” tab at the top of the home page
- Click the “Monthly Competition Upload Gallery” at the bottom of the page (you must be logged in to see this gallery!)
- Click the “Upload” drop down menu at the upper right of the page
- Select “To this Gallery” and then click either “Browse” or “Drag photos” to choose and upload your image(s).
- Logout by selecting "SVCC" at the top right of any page and click "Logout"

- Problems? Contact Jeffrey Ligon via "Contact" link above.

Images are due on or before midnight the Thursday prior to a Thursday competition, or as announced if there is an exception. Please be courteous and submit images in a timely manner.

2019 Image of the Year - Red Umbrella Charles Leverett

Untitled photo

2019 Ron Bowen Award for Black and White - Girl at Chess by Charles Leverett

Untitled photo

How To Set Up Your Individual Website Gallery:

1. Be a paid member

2. Contact Jeffrey Ligon (via the “Contact” link above) and request a gallery

3. Prepare your images for uploading:

- Make image resolution and size to your liking, but make sure it is large enough for clear
- Make sure the color mode is sRGB
- Optimize & sharpen the image as you would normally do
- Save as a JPEG. Smugmug does not limit the file size of the jpeg you are able to upload.

4. Access the site, log-in & locate your gallery:
- Go to: 
- Click on “log-in” found at the bottom of the page
- Enter the SVCC e-mail and password you received when you joined or renewed your membership
- Go to Member Galleries and locate your gallery
- Click: “Upload” at the top right of the page
- Select "To This Gallery" from the drop down menu
- Follow Smugmug’s on-line directions
- Once uploaded, title and caption each image in your gallery as you wish
- To delete an image from your gallery first select the image. Look for and click on a wrench icon. Clicking the trash can deletes the image. BE VERY CAREFUL not t delete your Member Gallery. If you do, you will have to request a new one and will have to reload all your images.
Congratulations! You’re now “published” on the web!
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