Competition Upload Instructions

Honorable Mention - Color Prints

Honorable Mention - Color Prints

Grand Canyon Sunrise - Jeffrey Ligon

Preparing & Uploading Images for Digital Projection Monthly Competition:

Prepare Your Image(s):
- For best appearance use the sRGB color space
- Save the image as a jpeg. SmugMug does not limit the file size of the jpeg you upload
- Name the file using the following format: 
           image title_your name.jpg 
(Please use one underscore as a separator only, not as a space elsewhere in the file name.)

Upload Your Image(s):
- Log onto the SVCC website (from bottom of 'Home' page):
- Click the “Galleries” tab at the top of the home page
- Click the “Competition Galleries” 
- Click the “Upload” button
- Select “To this Gallery” and then click either “Browse” or “Drag photos” to choose and upload your image(s).
- Logout by selecting "SVCC" at the top right of any page and click "Logout"

- Problems? Contact Carol Eidson via "Contact" link above.

Images are due on or before midnight the Tuesday prior to a Tuesday competition, or as announced if there is an exception. Please be courteous and submit images in a timely manner.  There have been times we extend the deadline in times of extreme weather or extenuating circumstances.  Pay attention to our social media platforms and club emails for notification of any extension.



In The Old Factory - Ken Boyd

How To Set Up Your Individual Website Gallery:

1. Be a paid member

2. Contact Carol Eidson (via the “Contact” link above) and request a gallery

3. Prepare your images for uploading:
- Make image resolution and size large enough for clear viewing.
- Make sure the color mode is sRGB.
- Save as a JPEG. SmugMug does not limit the file size. 

4. Access the site, log-in & locate your gallery:
- Go to: 
- Click on “log-in” found at the bottom of the page
- Enter the SVCC e-mail and password you received when you joined.
- Go to "Member Galleries" under Galleries and locate your gallery
- Click: “Upload”button
- Select "To This Gallery" from the drop down menu
- Follow Smugmug’s on-line directions
- Once uploaded, title and caption each image in your gallery as you wish
- To delete an image from your gallery first select the image. Look for and click on a wrench icon. Clicking the trash deletes the image. BE VERY CAREFUL not to delete your Member Gallery. If you do, you will have to request a new one and will have to reload all your images.

Congratulations! You’re now “published” on the web!