About Us:

History & Purpose:

The Shades Valley Camera Club, serving the Greater Birmingham, Alabama metro area, was organized in 1954 and has functioned continuously since its inception. The club's purpose has not changed - sharing the fascinating hobby of photography. Photographic knowledge is shared through competitions, workshops, field trips and friendships. The club embraces all photography styles across both film and digital mediums.

Club Officers for April 2021 - March 2022 Are As Follows:

President - Jack Eidson

1st Vice President (Programs Committee Chair) - Barbara Maisonville

2nd Vice President (Competition Committee Chair) - Dori Boyd

Statistical Secretary - Kevin Cooke

Treasurer - Dan Connell

Historian & Archivist - Ken Boyd

Recording Secretary (Communications Commitee Chair) - Carol Eidson

Member At Large - Penny Wegener

Webmaster - Jeff Ligon and Jenine Bastas

Projectionist - Bob Quarles and Allen Omoshola

Social Media - Jeff Ligon and Jenine Bastas

Hospitality Committee - Bill Crotwell, Jim and Mary Georgeson

Field Trip Committee - Dori Boyd, Jean Dent, Brenda Miller, Julia Washburn, Penny Wegener, Barbara Maisonville, Jenine Bastas 

2020 Projected Images, Ralph Boseman Award: Ballerina

2020 Projected Images, Ralph Boseman Award: Ballerina

Terry Yarbrough

2020 Artistic Print Image of the Year: Sprinter

2020 Artistic Print Image of the Year: Sprinter

Delos Johnson

The Club Handbook:

Everything you always wanted to know about the Shades Valley Camera Club's charter and operation is available on request.

Club Meetings:

Unless otherwise notified,  all regular competition and business meetings are held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month (except December, where there is no regular meeting the third Tuesday). Meetings are held in the auditorium of the Vestavia Hills Public Library, 1221 Montgomery Highway, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216. Meetings begin at 6:30PM and end at     8:00PM.

You can also  join The Shades Valley Camera Club Facebook page.

No Shades Valley Camera Club mail should be sent to the above meeting address. Instead it should be sent to: Shades Valley Camera Club, 5762 Lake Cyrus Blvd, Hoover, AL 35244